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  All Nature DVD!           Ambient Safari

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With the Silent Safari Ambient Safari DVD, go on an audio-visual retreat through coastal Georgia’s natural vistas time and time again. Immerse yourself in the images and hear only natural ambient sounds.

Ideal for nature lovers and a bird watchers delight. Surround yourself with images and sounds ... sunrise to sunset. Adds soothing calmness to any environment, office or studio.

This is a limited edition DVD as these locations change continuously and may never look like this again.


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  Now Available!            Canary Blues

Watch the Canary Blues Trailer

Frenetic world, intervals of light and sound at a seizure pace! Claire, a "canary" by design...a "canary" by accident, saves herself...takes flight as others refuse her warning. Did you notice her departing? 

As secrets are revealed...will others heed the warning? Find out in this roller coaster ride into the present day. Unaware, you just may be lingering in the past.

"Canary Blues", do you have them?

A novel by Jerri Doyle Mueller.


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 New Release!     Breakfast On The Veranda

Love Interior Design?  A Must Have!

Experience a relaxing breakfast on the veranda. A fabric of morning birds and the gentle flow of your garden fountain along with occasional wind chimes. Just sit down, get comfortable and smell the coffee. A continuous seamless sound fabric puts you there.

Available as a duplicated on-demand CD at 44kH 16bit stereo or in high quality downloadable format as a 84 MB single file mp3 at 192 kbps.

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Ambient Interiors

Workbook 1

Step by step, learn how to Ambientscape. Create a relaxing, ambient environment with an interior designer as your guide.

Listen to a "Word from the Editor."

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Step Towards the Extraordinary

Your Personal Space ... Taking Control

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